Welcome Coaches!

March is an excellent time to advance your Mass Youth Soccer coaching credentials as many local towns are hosting G, F, and E courses in the coming weeks.  A complete list of dates/times can be found at, including the following offerings in neighboring towns:

- “G” Course – Holliston, The G course is the beginning course for coaches and helps you become more resourceful and confident in your role as an activity leader.  The content is targeted at players under the age of 10.  Hopkinton Youth Soccer requires all of our coaches to obtain a G license.  The G course can also be taken online, but it is more more beneficial when attended in person.

- “F” Course – Holliston, Building on concepts covered int he G course, the F course covers how to technically and tactically develop U10 to U12 players.  It also provides guidance on how to plan and develop effective training programs for these age groups.  Hopkinton Youth Soccer strongly encourages all coaches of players in 2nd grade and up to have an F license.  You must have completed the G course to attend the F course.

- “E” Course – Southborough,   This course is designed primarily for experienced coaches of travel teams (U10 and up) and provides more in-depth instruction on all phases of the game, including tactical development, goalkeeping, systems of play, laws of the game.  Hopkinton Youth Soccer strongly encourages all of our travel coaches (U10 and up) to have an E license.  You must have completed the F course to attend the E course.

  • Hopkinton Youth Soccer reimburses coaches for the cost of attending these courses.  To sign-up for a course, complete the online registration form on the Mass Youth Soccer website Click here.
  • Once you have completed the course, you can request reimbursement from Hopkinton Youth Soccer by submitting a reimbursement request form: Coach Reimbursement Form.
If you have any questions about MYSA’s licensing courses and/or other coaching resources, please email: