AGC Checklist

  1. Travel placement requests due 1/15 for spring and 6/30 for fall.
  2. Rosters due to Colette in roster format 2/15 for spring and 8/1 for fall.
  • See AGC Manual for format; coach’s birth date is required for annual automatic CORI run
  • Must have ok from Director on rosters BEFORE sending to Colette
  1. Send equipment request to Equipment Manager
  • Approximately end of February for spring and end of July for Fall (Equipment Manager will give you exact dates)
  • DO NOT have coaches send Equipment Manager requests
  1. InTown (2nd & 3rd) game schedule due to Colette 3 weeks before 1st game so she can set up referees.
  2. Attend Coaches meeting (mandatory) - April; September
  3. Get evaluations from coaches within one week of season ending
  4. Hold Placement Meetings (4th grade & up, 3rd grade for spring) with coaches within 2 weeks of season ending.