HYS Age Group Coordinators

Foundations Director-Amy Mick              435-2687         amymick@verizon.net


KickStart Girls         Lisa Interrante             435-3230      lisa.c.interrante@gmail.com

KickStart Boys        Ryan Fowler             508-686-6647    fowler_ryan@yahoo.com


Kindergarten Girls   Amy Arthur                 544-1347         amy.arthur1@gmail.com

Kindergarten Boys  Taylor Blinn                 625-1603         tblinn30@gmail.com



In Town Director      Eileen McGann         625-2026         bostonbean88@aol.com


1st Grade Girls         Gary Trendel               435-0279         gary.trendel@gmail.com

1st Grade Boys        Chris Arnold                625-1496         jc3020@gmail.com


2nd/3rd Grade Girls    Nina Bouffard          435-8186         nina.bouffard@gmail.com

2nd/3rd Grade Boys   Eileen McGann         625-2026         bostonbean88@aol.com




Girls Travel Director- Bob Champlin     617-905-0768    bobchamplin@yahoo.com


U9 Girls                  Mary Senseney           625-1229         msenseney@comcast.net


U10 Girls                 Jen Trendel                 435-0279         jenniflower6@hotmail.com


U11 Girls                 Ed Baumann                625-1186         kathyneddy@aol.com

U12 Girls                 Maria Stewart         508-361-0883     mbstewart1265@gmail.com


U13 Girls                 OPEN


U14 Girls                 Chris Bertschmann     508-435-5195 chrisber63@hotmail.com



Boys Travel Director- Tom Skiba             497-9465         tskiba5@yahoo.com


U9 Boys                 Mia DeMichele 435-4953         demichele22@gmail.com


U10 Boys                Jamie Weeden 435-2193         jamielweeden@hotmail.com


U11 Boys                Jim Mirabile                  497-0810         jmirab@yahoo.com

U12 Boys                Ruth Calka                   435-3554         calka@comcast.net

U13 Boys                Laura Poovakad          497-0739         ljpoov@gmail.com

U14 Boys                OPEN



Copies to all AGCS, Travel Directors, In Town Director and Foundations Director

Table of Contents

  1. AGC Responsibilities per HYS Manual  (p. 1)
  2. Contacts   (p. 2)
  3. Timeline   (p. 4)
  4. AGC Binder   (p. 5)
  5. Prior to the Season
    1. How to Form Teams(p. 6)

i.    Foundations/In town

ii.    Travel

iii.    All teams

    1. Schedules (p, 15)
    2. Equipment (p, 16)
    3. Coaches Meetings (p. 18)
    4. For Coaches (p. 19)

i.    What Coaches Need

ii.    General Information to Forward to Players

  1. During the Season   (p. 22)
    1. Observing Games
    2. Checking In
    3. How to deal with Issues
    4. Grade Evaluations
    5. Player Evaluations
    6. Report Cards
  2. After the Season   (p. 24)
    1. Player Evaluations
    2. End of Season (Placement) Meeting
  3. Miscellaneous  (p. 25)                                    
  4. Example Letters/Schedules/Evaluations(p. 25)
    1. Letters from the AGC

i. Thanks for volunteering

ii. AGC Fall Kindergarten Letter

iii. Kick Start Welcome Letter

iv. Kick Start Coaches Letter

    1. Letters from the Coach – AGC can pass on to coaches

i. Preseason Letter

ii. On Field Injuries (Foundations)

    1. Foundations/In Town Schedules
    2. Evaluations

Disclaimer: This manual includes all policies and procedures for age group coordinators. HYS reserves the right to modify, change or delete information at any time. The HYS board has final say over any errors or omission, as well as clarifying any and all information in it.  

Revision History 

Version Author Date Description
1.0 L. Poovakad July 2009 Initial version
1.1 L. Poovakad January 2010 Small updates for typos and wording plus taking #10 out of page 9 to avoid teams being kept together season after season.
1.2 L. Poovakad August 2010 See list of changes on website under Board of Directors