U9-U10 Handbook (4th grade)

Practice 4th Grade

– Travel teams are guaranteed a 1 hour practice (90 minute practices are allowed if available).
– A second 1 hour age group practice is conducted with a coach from the N.E. Revolution Academy.

HYS Rules for Travel (4th grade and up)
Field Size: 40 yards wide and 60 yards long (6v6), 50 yards wide and 70 yards long (8v8), between 60-70 yards wide and 100-110 yard long (11v11)
Goal Size: Goal sizes increase as play moves from 6v6 to 8v8 to 11v11
Ball Size: Size 4 (4th – 6th grade), size 5 (7th grade and up)
Format: 6v6 with Goalkeeper (4th), 8v8 with Goalkeeper (5th & 6th), 11v11 with Goalkeeper (7th and up)
* Offsides begins with 8v8 play
Time: 60 minutes with 2 halves (4th-6th), 70 minutes with 2 halves (7th and up)
Start of half: Alternate possession in center of field. Pass to start.
Sidelines: Throw-ins.
Endlines: Goal kicks and corner kicks.
Goals: Start in center of field. Pass to start.

Equal Playing time: Each player shall play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time and no player shall play the entire game unless all other players have played at least 75% of the game.