Travel Coaches Checklist

  • Add uniform numbers, sign and make 20 copies of roster
  • Be sure to have 2 copies of your roster at every game
  • Make sure anyone helping to coach has current valid coach’s card
  • Check over Travel Game Schedule
  • ALWAYS go by the home schedule given to you by Colette Cronin
  • Call ALL of your opposing coaches ASAP – not a few days before the game!
  • Check with players and opposing teams to see if there will be enough players to have a game on the holiday weekend

Things to Remember

  • Have strong communication with parents of your players!
  • Report your scores to the section captain every week
  • Follow the BAYS Zero Tolerance Rule – respect the referee!
  • Complete your referee evaluation every week!
  • if you have an issue with a referee or any rule questions, please contactReferee Director Jeff Reynolds
  • In case of inclement weather or possible wet fields,check the website or call the HYSA hotline 1-877-373-8326 x6801
  • Complete player evaluations within one week on the end of the season
  • HAVE FUN !!