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With the unseasonably warm winter we’ve had this year, it’s making our players anxious to start Spring Soccer!  By now all coaches should be in touch with their teams to let them know about team practices and the Revs practices which begin very shortly.

For HYS, the winter is always an interesting time for us as an organization.  We use the time to take a look at our program and see where and how we can make improvements.   One of these was to expand our board of directors and our volunteers.  We are thrilled to have some great new volunteers to assist us in running Hopkinton’s largest sports organization and to offer some fresh perspectives and ideas on how we can continue to grow and improve.

On the heels of our re-launch of our website this fall, we have also created a new HYS Online Store.  The new HYS Online Store is where you’ll be able to purchase new/placement uniform shirts, shorts and socks, HYS T-shirts, HYS decals, and car magnets online.  Check out the store!

Also new on our website are a series of Soccer skills videos created with the help of HCAM-TV and Evren Gundez, Girls Varsity Soccer Coach at Hopkinton High School.  There are ten short videos that describe various soccer skills, show a step-by-step process for each skill, and demonstrations for how to do that skill correctly.   My kids have had fun watching the skills videos and are now practicing in the kitchen while they watch on the computer (which makes dinner preparations sometimes challenging!)  Most coaches are encouraging their players to watch the videos and practice the skills.
Check them out!

This winter, we have also been putting together plans to work more collaborately with the High School Soccer Program to benefit both organizations and with the desire to develop some future Hiller Stars!  The HHS coaches have been great about
offering some thoughts and ideas about how we can better prepare our coaches and players, and we piloted an after school winter program for 1st graders that some fantastic kids from the Boys and Girls Varsity teams have supported by coaching.  It’s been a lot of fun to be a part of this new program, and it has been a great preview of the fantastic summer camp the High School players will run June 26-29! (More on the summer camp here.)

We look forward to seeing all our players, coaches, and parents out on the fields for practices and our first games beginning April 7th.




Welcome to the new Hopkinton Youth Soccer website! Over the last few years, wereceived a lot of parent feedback about the “challenges” of our old site. With the help and efforts of some fantastic Board Members and volunteers, we are excited to launch our new website. We wanted to create something that was easy to navigate and get you the information you want and need quickly and easily. I hope you find it helpful and easy to use!

We’ve got a lot of *New*going on this season. It’s been great to look out on the fields and see *New* uniforms. I know the girls on the team I coach were excited about the look and feel of the new orange uniforms! We’ve been able to put two age groups over on the *New* grass fields next to the turf at the Fruit Street Athletic Complex, beautiful fields! And we have some *New* Board Members bringing some fresh perspectives to the organization, including my *New* role as President.

I grew up playing soccer, and I remember so many of my soccer games, from my first season where my team (The “Wanderers”) scored one goal the entire season, to the three state championships I won with my Framingham United Soccer teams. But what I remember more than the specifics of the games are the memories I made with teammates and friends…and it is that sense of friendship and community that I love to see on Saturday mornings. What a great way to start the weekend by walking the sidelines, catching up with neighbors and friends and watching the kids running around with their friends. Did you know we have over 1200 kids playing soccer this Fall? You can’t help but run into folks you know with that much involvement!

So a thank you to all those parent coaches and volunteers out there for helping to provide our kids with an opportunity to get involved and have the joy of being part of a team. With 88 teams that’s a lot of coaches needed! You’re helping to make memories that will last a lifetime!

Enjoy the end of the season, and remember that registration for the Spring season runs November 1 – 15th.