Frequently Asked Questions

2/3rd grade Program

Q: Can my child play on both an in-town and BAYS team in 3rd grade?

A: No-you must choose one program or the other for your child in 3rd grade.  But kids in both programs may take advantage of the Age Group Practices and the Skills Academy Training, both run by the Revolution Academy Staff.


Q: How should I choose In-Town Borders Program vs BAYS for my child?

A :  The BAYS program is more competitive and generally offers a higher level of competition, BUT it requires a considerable time commitment each week. Our In-Town program is more flexible, but we also have very competitive play in our In-Town league. For many strong players, In-Town is the best choice if they will be away several Saturdays per season, or have very few weekday afternoons open for soccer practices.

2 practices a week, Away games generally within 30-45 minute drive, home games in Hopkinton. Teams created by coaches season ending evaluation and end of season coaches meeting with Age Group Coordinator and Travel Director.  Teams are formed based on skill level.

In-Town Borders Program: 
1 team practice a week, with optional age group Revs practice. 
Games in Hopkinton and Ashland. Teams are balanced (range of skill levels on each team) and created by Age Group Coordinators and coaches with their season ending evaluations.

If soccer is a high priority for your family and your player, then BAYS may be the program for you. Our In-Town Borders teams offer good competition without the travel. Please make a choice based on what is best for your family and your player.



Q: What is the cost? What does that include?

A:  The cost for the Academy Team is $900.  This is for both fall and spring seasons and includes coaching costs (3 nights of practice plus game day) field costs, referee fees, uniform, tournament fees

Q: Does this mean the development focus has shifted away from the masses and toward the elite players? Why don’t the Rev coaching experts work with ALL the kids?

A:  Absolutely not.  The foundation for our program changes is based on our philosophy to provide player development opportunities across all skill levels.  We have expanded our partnership with the Revolution Academy Staff so we can provide more opportunities for all players to have access to professional coaching.  All players from 2nd grade up will have an opportunity to attend age group practices and skills academy training sessions run by the Revolution Academy Staff.

Q: Why is it a combined U11/U12 team?  Why wouldn’t you do one team at each age group?

A: We are basing our Academy Program after the model the Revs have been successfully with in other towns such as Sudbury, Lexington and Acton where the combining of age groups has been successful.  By pulling kids in from 2 age groups you are starting with a larger pool to make sure you have enough kids to sustain the program.


Q:  How big will the team be – how many players, what format (8v8?)?  I assume that they will be playing U12.

A:  The U-11/U-12 will be playing 8v8 and the team roster size will be between 12-14 players.


Q:    Will there be equal playing time for all players?

A:  Because the focus of this program is player development the playing time will be split amongst all the players.


Q:    Is this “Academy” team meant to replace the top travel team in the age groups?

A: The Academy Team is meant to provide an opportunity for those who have a strong passion for the game and are looking for a place to play in our town, with their friends and have the ability and desire to commit to significant time and energy to the team.  The make up of the team would determine how the Academy Team would match up against the top BAYS team.


Q:    Will parents be able to meet the coach(es) who will be training the team?

A: The coach will be at the Parents Meeting and the try-outs.


Q: When will the tryout results be known?

A: Tryouts will be held June 5 and 7, 4:30-6 at  Fruit St turf fields, so the results should be known by the middle of June so the BAYS placements can be made.


Q: If my child does not make the Academy Team can I get a refund?

A:  We would encourage your child to continue to play on a HYS BAYS travel team even if they don’t make the academy team.  But if your family decides that is not the right choice you may request a refund by July 1.


Q: Why can my child not play on a club soccer team if they make the academy team?

A:  We are following the recommendations by US Soccer and the Revs Academy programs in other towns.  US Soccer recommends kids at this age group train for no more than 3 days a week and participate in 1 game a week.  Kids extending these limits are at a significant risk of injury, particularly girls and knee injuries.  For this reason as well as the significant time commitment required to participate on the Academy Team, players would have to choose either a club team our the Hopkinton Academy team.


Q: My child would like to try out for the Academy Team, but plays another sport in the Spring.  Would they be able to play on the Academy Team as well?

A:  We encourage kids to play multiple sports as it not only contributes to good overall health but can also improve their soccer abilities.  Understanding the Academy Team is a significant commitment, the coach would also like to be flexible to allow kids to play multiple sports.


Q: What are my child’s options if they play club soccer?

A:  Kids who opt to play Club soccer would still be welcome to play on a BAYS travel team (u-9 and above).  They will be placed on an appropriate level team as determined by the coaches evaluations and coaches meeting.