HYS provides videos to players, coaches, and parents to help teach the rules of soccer and to develop soccer skills.

Sports Injuries and Prevention – A discussion on preventing sports injuries in children with HYS and Dr. Tim Morgan, D.C. (Produced in conjunction with HCAM.)

10 Skills Videos – A series of soccer skills videos with Evren Gunduz, Coach of the HHS Girls Varsity soccer team.  This series of 10 instructional skills videos will show you/your child a step by step process for learning and practicing each soccer skill.  (Produced in conjunction with HCAM.)

Skill #1 – The Rollover 

Skill #2 – The Stepover 

Skill #3 – The Sole Turn 

Skill #4 – The Scissors

Skill #5 – The Speed Dribble

Skill #6 – The Cutback 

Skill #7 – The Sole & Cutback (advanced skill)

Skill #8 – The Rollover with a Stepover (advanced skill)

Skill #9 – Shooting Basics

Skill #10 – Passing Basics


Offside Rule Video – A video which discusses the offside rule.