Rain Procedure

At any time there is lightning seen or thunder heard…All fields MUST be cleared for 30 minutes after the last occurrence.

Fields are checked on Saturday mornings if:

  •    It has rained in the previous 24 hours
  •    The forecast is bad
  •    It has rained a lot during the previous week

The website will be updated:

  • By 7:15 am (for games starting before 12:00 pm) *
  • By 10:30 am (for games starting at 12:00 pm and after)

* For the KickStart, Kindergarten and 1st grade players, once a field is closed, it is closed for the day and there will not be a second check.

The message as to whether fields are open or closed will be displayed on the home page of our website.  Important: referees, coaches and players should go to the field if it is listed as open.

The only time a referee is responsible for the cancelling of a game is if HYS has listed the field as open but conditions have deteriorated since the last update.  If upon arriving at a field, it is decided that the field is unplayable or dangerous, it is the referee’s responsibility to cancel the game.

In the case of inclement weather during the week:

Practices are up to the discretion of the coaches except those held at the YMCA  (Coaches who practice at the YMCA will receive an e-mail directly from the YMCA as to whether the field is open or closed.)

All coaches are responsible for letting their team know whether practice will be held.