Travel Rules

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HYS Travel Program

The Travel Program is for children in the fourth grade and up. Teams play in the BAYS (Boston Area Youth Soccer) league. Age and not grade enrollment determine eligibility.

Eligibility for players in our travel program is determined on a calendar year that runs from August 1 to the next July 31. Note: This is a national guideline set by the United States Youth Soccer Association to which our state organization (MYSA) belongs. Players are always allowed to play Up to be with their school grade but may need an age waiver or may not be allowed to play Down with their school grade. Players must register for the program that their birthdate falls within (example: a 5th grader with an August birthday MUST register for 4th grade). The player is eligible to play on a 4th grade team or the player can choose to play up with their school grade. After they have registered, an e-mail can be sent to to request that the player is moved up to play with their school grade.

Teams are made up of players of roughly equal skill. Teams are placed in the BAYS league based on the skill level of that team. The goal is to place teams in a division such that they achieve a .500 record. Age group coordinators rely on player evaluations completed by the coaches and any independent evaluations to aid in team creation. With these evaluations, teams are created by the age group coordinators and coaches. It is important to note that players of all skill levels can benefit greatly in this program by being paired with other players of roughly the same ability level. The only requirement is a desire to play and have fun.

Travel games are played once a week on Saturdays. Each team will play 5 home games and 5 away games. In most cases, the travel time to games does not exceed 45 minutes. Teams hold at least one practice each week for a minimum of 60 minutes.

If you have any questions about the Travel Program, please contact either the Boys Travel Director or the Girls Travel Director as appropriate.

* HYS continues to offer programs for those that wish to continue playing after the Hopkinton School soccer programs begin. During the 8th grade (i.e. U14 age group), HYS offers both a fall and spring 11v11 travel program. The relationship between these programs in the fall is described on the Middle School Soccer page.