Middle School Program

8th grade students are eligible to participate in the Middle School soccer program, which takes place during the fall. HYS continues to offer a program for players of this age but there is often much confusion as to how these programs relate to each other and what the requirements are of each.

Middle School soccer  HYS soccer
Who is eligible? Any player who is in the 8th grade. All players who register by the HYS deadline – June 1st (1)
Who makes the team? Players MUST tryout for the team. Tryouts take place during the first week of school. NOT all players make the team. Everyone who registers on time will be placed on a team.
When does the season run? The season runs from the start of school until the end of October. There is either a practice or game EVERY day that there is school.  (2) The season runs from the Saturday after Labor Day until early November. There is typically 2 practices a week and a game on Saturday.

(1) The early registration date is necessary because BAYS, the league that HYS teams play in, requires submission of teams to the leagues by the end of June. In order to submit teams and proper placements, HYS needs to have ALL players registered.

(2)  From the High School / Middle School athletic handbook: At no time may a student miss a practice or competition in order to practice or compete with an out-of-school team. Any student who violates this rule for the first time shall be declared ineligible for the next two consecutive interscholastic events or two weeks whichever is greater. Subsequent offenses shall result in ineligibility for 45 days.

The problems are obvious:
Players need to register for the HYS program well before trying out for the Middle School program.

Players will not know if they make the Middle School team until the end of the first week of school at the earliest. The first BAYS game is on the Saturday after school starts.

If a player makes the Middle School team, he/she will be playing soccer five days a week. He/she may not be available for all HYS practices.

If a player makes the Middle School team and chooses to play in the HYS program, he/she will realistically be available only for games.

 Recommendations for players and parents:

  • In order to be absolutely sure of playing soccer in the fall, players should register for the HYS program – on time of course!
  • When registering for the HYS program, indicate on the registration form whether you intend to try out for the Middle School team and your plan if you make the team:
  1.  You will NOT play with HYS if on Middle School team OR
  2. You will still play with HYS if on Middle School team.


Note: Players who register with HYS, then make the Middle School team and then inform HYS, will have the full registration fee refunded.  Players MUST indicate they are trying out for the Middle School team.  Providing this amount of information will give HYS a better chance of submitting the right number of teams in the right divisions. The BAYS penalty to HYS for dropping a team can be up to several hundred dollars if done at a late date.  For further information, contact your HYS age group coordinator.