Referee FAQ

How do I get paid? 

In the fall, HYS pays all InTown and Travel referees.

In the spring,

HYS pays:

1. All InTown referees

2. Assistant Referees (AR’s): U11, U12, and U14

BAYS pays:

1. Center Referees: U10 and up

2. AR’s: U16 and up

HYS pays referees 2-3 times per season. You don’t need to fill out any pay forms. You will be paid based on the games you accept and referee.

How much do Hopkinton referees get paid? 

2nd/3rd grade – $13.00

U10 center – $20

U11 & U12 AR – $15

U11 & U12 center – $25

U13 & U14 AR – $25

U13 & U14 center – $35

U16 AR – $30

U16 center – $50

U18 AR – $35

U18 center – $60

How long is my badge good for? 

Your badge is good for one calendar year (spring and fall seasons). You must recertify each year during the winter. If you take an initial certification or bridge class during the summer, check that you get a badge for the following year. If so, then you will be certified for the upcoming fall season as well as for the full following year. See the section “Become a Referee” for information on bridging from Grade 9 to Grade 8.

How do I get reimbursed for my referee course? 

Fill out a Request for Reimbursement. Click the pdf., Ref_Reimbursement_Form. In order to be reimbursed, you must actively ref for Hopkinton the following season.

What should I do if a coach or spectator violates the Zero Tolerance Policy?

Soccer is meant to be fun and safe, and the Zero Tolerance Policy helps to ensure that happens. All coaches, and in turn parents of players, have been advised of the policy. Find the Zero Tolerance Policy in the left hand column under Rules.

If anyone ever violates the Zero Tolerance Policy at a game in Hopkinton, please notify the Hopkinton Referee Director, Jeff Reynolds at

How do I accept games?

Each week you will need to send the assignor your availability. The assignor will then send you the schedule for the upcoming week and you will need to confirm your games.

For Travel games (U10 and up), you will also need to accept the game on the BAYS website. This applies to both center refs and AR’s.

Do I need to do a game report?

InTown referees do not need to do a game report.

For all Travel games (U10 and up), the center referee needs to submit a game report.

For Travel games where ARs are paid by BAYS (U16 and up for the spring), the AR must also do a game report because that is how BAYS processes payment. But ARs can feel free to do a game report for any game they accept on the BAYS website just to get into the habit.

I am about to ref my first Travel game. How do I register on the BAYS website?

Click here to go to the BAYS Referee Site User Guide. This will walk you through the process step-by-step.

I am about to ref my first Travel game.  IT IS A U10 GAME. How does this compare to InTown?

Take some time to read through the Travel rules before the game: click here. In particular, look at the special rules for BAYS 6v6: click here.

     Some similarities to InTown games:

  • Field size
  • One ref
  • 6 players for each team on field
  • If ball goes over half-line from goal kick or keeper release without touching ground or a player, indirect kick goes to other team at half-line

     Some differences from InTown games:

  • You’ll check the teams in with rosters at the beginning of the game. Each coach will give you 2 rosters – 1 for you to keep and 1 to give to the other coach.
  • 30-minute halves
  • On goal kicks, ball must be placed within goal box (little box) instead of anywhere within penalty area (big box)
  • Kicks can be indirect or direct, depending on the infraction
  • Cards can be issued
  • Can no longer substitute on other team’s throw-ins unless that team is also subbing at the same time
  • On an improper throw-in, throw goes to the other team instead of allowing the player to retake the throw

I am about to ref my first game that is U11 OR HIGHER.  What should I keep in mind?

Take some time to read through the Travel rules before the game: click here. The BAYS 6v6 special rules no longer apply. THERE IS OFFSIDE. Ball can now be kicked over half-line on goal kicks and keeper releases. U11 and U12 games are 8v8; U14 and higher games are 11v11. You will now usually work in a group of 3, with a center and 2 ARs. Be sure to work as a team out on the field.

What is the length of quarters/halves for the various age groups?

InTown (2nd & 3rd grade): 25-minute halves

U10-U12: 30-minute halves

U13-U14: 35-minute halves

U15-U16: 40-minute halves

U17-U18: 45-minute halves

If the weather is questionable, how do I know if the game will be played or not?

If the weather is questionable, check the HYS website before going to the field. The website will be updated mid-morning for the second wave of games. Once everyone is at the field, it is your call as to whether the field is playable and conditions are safe to play the game.

Should a player with a metal knee brace be allowed to play?

The BAYS rule book states ‘Players with orthopedic braces that have exposed or uncapped metal parts are also not allowed to play.’ ( If a player has an uncovered brace, please tell them that they have two choices:  they can cover the brace or they can watch the game!

I have a question that isn’t answered here. Who do I contact?

Contact the Hopkinton Referee Director, Jeff Reynolds at